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Belinda Louise. 22 year old blogger. owner of Ava Adore Vintage from Scotland.

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Occasionally posts will contain samples sent from respective companies and these items are marked with 'c/o'. All opinions are my own and the items featured will only ever be pieces that fit my personal style.
All pictures are taken and owned by me unless stated otherwise.
Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Outfit | Whiter than White

Sunglasses - ASOS | Tank Top - ASOS | Trousers - ASOS (sale) | Jumper - Illustrated People | Nikes - JD Sports | Bag - H&M

Hello lovelies!

So I think I've been doing pretty well with my shopping ban! I've just been concentrating on how I'm going to redecorate my room and been gathering lots of bits and pieces up on my watch list on eBay!

It was my friends birthday a couple weeks ago so I stopped by ASOS to pick him up some gifts. I had these white trousers saved in my wishlist and they were reduced in the sale so I thought I might as well pick them up! They are so comfy and very much a straight cut so perfect for that effortless style. I wasn't quite sure about 'all white' on me as I'm a bit paranoid I'll get something marked and ruin it but alas, that is the risk you have to take with wearing white!
I also picked up this cute jumper from the Illustrated People sale. I love this brand and this jumper is the perfect addition to my monochrome side of my wardrobe. You also can't beat a bit of Mean Girls!

Hope you are all having a good start to the week!
Saturday, 23 August 2014

Outfit | Knots & Crosses

Jumpsuit - New Look // Maxi Shirt - Choies // Belt - H&M // Slip Ons - ASOS (sale) // Necklaces - H&M & Shop Dixi

 I'm currently on a clothes shopping ban and trying to use the clothes I've already got and not worn in an effort to save my pennies over the next few months. So while sifting through my wardrobe trying to think of something to wear I found this awesome jumpsuit I picked up from New Look a while ago. I always find jumpsuits on me just don't sit right (short people problems) but this jumpsuit fits like a glove! The waist sits just right and the neckline is really flattering, such a great staple to any wardrobe!

I've been dying to wear my cute dalmatian spot slip ons from the ASOS sale. They're super comfy but can't imagine how much more comfy they'll be when they're worn in.
 I also love this maxi checked shirt I bought off Choies. I love to use maxi shirts kind of like kimono's just to throw on over outfits when it's not too cold. They also give a smart casual vibe to your outfit and it also adds a bit of colour to any monochrome piece.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Outfit | The Only Nirvana Song You Know

Beanie - ASOS // Halter Top - O-MIGHTY // Necklace - H&M // Trousers - ASOS (sale) // Boots - Primark

I absolutely love and I managed to grab myself a couple of bits when they were having an online sample sale and bought this awesome crop too. Most of you Nirvana fans out there will probably get a laugh out of this like I did when I first saw this top. I've been loving halternecks this summer so for me halter neck + cheeky slogan = perfection!

I was really surprised at the quality of this top as it's super stretchy which makes it really comfortable and you don't feel restricted. Only problem is now that I want to buy everything off OMIGHTY!

I was up in Glasgow a few weeks ago and I went into Primark. After being unimpressed I headed out the shop and spotted these Timberland-esque boots. I did originally leave without them but something in my head went "you'll regret it if you don't buy them" and I'm so glad I did! They are super comfortable and will come in handy come the autumn/winter months!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Outfit | Don't Cry

Fedora - Missguided // Sunglasses - ASOS // Top - Choies // Pilazo Pants - Missguided // Sliders - New Look // Bag - ASOS

Hello lovelies!

Please excuse my facial expression in some of these photos. If you read my previous post I mentioned that my boyfriend is now on camera duty and I'm not used to having someone take my pictures for me, plus Harris didn't help by making me laugh so it was hard to pick the best of the bunch!

So after watching Bee from idressmyselff wearing these awesome palazzo pants from Missguided it was an instant buy. I'd been on the hunt for the perfect pair for ages and they all seemed too expensive, too flashy or not the right waist but these are just right! Admittedly I did have to cut a few inches off the bottom of them as they were still too long even with my highest heels on and also the fact that I'm majorly short, but I love them regardless.

I also picked a few bits from Choies one being this wee slogan tee. I was a bit disappointed when I realized it had this 'moth bitten' effect on it as it didn't appear to be like on the website but it's still a nice addition to my collection. I'm always looking for inspiration and motivation on a daily basis so why not incorporate it into an outfit? Slogan tee's are a nice way to make a subtle statement and can be worn a multitude of ways.